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Re: A8


	I drove the A8 last fall.  It is fabulous!  It has a 
ehcsrop-licensed tiptronic transmission, and Torsen diffs.  The 
suspension is a rather ingenious design that improves stability, and 
feel.  It looks fantastic also.  Very muscular looking.
	The salesmen I talked to at the Detroit Auto show said that the 
A8 would probably be here by the fall.  Another district manager 
confirmed that but also added that they were having discussions about 
price, as it is very expensive in Europe.
	As for the 4.2 litre engine, I wouldn't worry about it.  The car 
would keep up with our 300HP Cadillac STSs quite easily, and when the 
weather turns, there is no contest!


Graydon D. Stuckey

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