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Re: A8

> 	As for the 4.2 litre engine, I wouldn't worry about it.  The car 
> would keep up with our 300HP Cadillac STSs quite easily, and when the 
> weather turns, there is no contest!

Thanks for the info Graydon ... I must admit that I am somewhat envious of
your ability to drive all of these wonderful vehicles.  I'm not surprised
that the A8 can keep up even though the engine is smaller ... that is one
of the benefits of the lower weight afforded by the all aluminum construction
(As I'm sure you're quite aware).  Kinda reminiscent of a coupla guys in
racing history, what were the names?  .... Chapman and Porsche I believe.
[I know that there were others too, but those were the first to come to
my mind].

Steve Buchholz