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Re: more T.A.P. Dancing

  My suspiscion is, since the TAP mod doesn't actually change the PROM
  contents at all, and just defeats the over-boost protection, is that the
  TAP mod does not do anything to the way the CPU controls the WG, or the
  ignition timing or fuel delivery either, and likely does not increase the
  rev limiter value either. If this speculation is all accurate then there
  are *additional* problems with the TAP mod. Since the boost sensor's
  output is clamped, ignition timing cannot be adjusted for boost levels
  above that maximum threshold. This is not good. The stock CPU backs off
  the ignition advance as a function of boost presssure, as well as for
  other paramaters such as intake charge temp. The TAP mod would defeat
  this protection for boost levels above the sensor-clamped level.
  BOOM!/melted pistons could ruin your whole day.