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Re: Rogain for air

Now Glen, let's not give trevor all the secrets.......  I think the key word
here that needs some attention is "lean", and what effects that malady has on
a blown or (post mortum) BLOWN engine.....  Unfortunately for this
modification, the fact he indicated that the reason engines with tap have
blown (and they have!!, but that disclaimers' there) they didn't follow his
directions, and the ones he asks you to follow in the manual you can't do
anyway (and I realized, even AS DESCRIBED in the instructions given, the
tqc's can't follow).....  Now, I can take my Stage II mod and my wastegate
mod crank the spring preload up all the way or back all the way, hmmmm no
blown engine yet, and at higher boost levels than TAP says is even safe.....
 And my directions don't ask you to worry about your boost level, stage I or
II (no wait, run premium gas is a direction)......  Hmmmm  Ned drives one he
modified and drives first, TAP modifies one YOU drive.....