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Re: Clacking Noise..II

Steven Buchholz wrote
> I found the receipt for the stuff I put in the oil to silence my lifters.  
> It is called Valve Kleen.  I don't know who makes the stuff, but it did 
> work fairly quickly on my lifters.  YMMV however!
> Steve Buchholz
> s_buchho@kla.com

Please don't laugh at what follows....

I also had some noise from the valves(?) at startup. Having done this in an
old Toyota, I added some Marvel Mystery Oil (please, really, stop laughing...)
in both the Oil and some in the Gas according to the directions. No Noise, gone
for two years now after many oil changes and 40K miles.... BTW this was in
my 5K CSTQ.

Snake Oil or Not - The Noise is Gone!

Mark Aaldering