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Re: Clacking Noise..II

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995 mma@rt66.com wrote:

> I also had some noise from the valves(?) at startup. Having done this in an
> old Toyota, I added some Marvel Mystery Oil (please, really, stop laughing...)
> in both the Oil and some in the Gas according to the directions. No Noise, gone
> for two years now after many oil changes and 40K miles.... BTW this was in
> my 5K CSTQ.
> Snake Oil or Not - The Noise is Gone!
Not laughing here... the ol' Marvel Myster solved my lifter woes on the 
4000q about 100K ago.... Noise never came back.  Ive been using that 
stuff for 20 years, I'll swear by it.


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