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Re: Clacking Noise..II

Mark Aaldering wrote:

<O>Please don't laugh at what follows....
<O>I also had some noise from the valves(?) at startup. Having done this in an
<O>old Toyota, I added some Marvel Mystery Oil (please, really, stop laughing...)
<O>in both the Oil and some in the Gas according to the directions. No Noise, gone
<O>for two years now after many oil changes and 40K miles.... BTW this was in
<O>my 5K CSTQ.
<O>Snake Oil or Not - The Noise is Gone!
<O>Mark Aaldering

My car has been loudly clacking its way to and from work ever since I've had it,
so I got some of this stuff and put it in the oil a couple of days ago.

Good grief! it actually works - the lifter noise is almost completely gone.
Thanks for the tip Mark - I was not looking forward to doing a lifter job
some time.

Anybody have any theories on how this jollop works? Also should I change the oil 
asap and hope the noise doesn't reappear?