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Re: Free wheelin'

Not sure we disagree on the merits of AWD, I  was posting that given the
choice, a proper RWD is almost equal to the quattro's, given the lack of
attention to proper weight and suspension distribution on our beloved toys.
 For High horse and/or low traction AWD is hard to beat....  My roots are in
ProRally (caimpaigned 81-86), in fact went to rally school with some ot the
greats from the 80's (buffum, woodner, Shepard incl.), and I still can throw
an AWD audi with the best, but for common sense, a torsen RWD 50/50 weight
will suit me fine till the HP gets too high.....  And it's not there yet....
 And even with some of the worst drifting snow and wet here in Chicago, my
thoughts are the same, the AWD with snows is hard to beat, but given the 5ktq
chassis the hokas are out of the question (P210's are all that can hold
performance snow/dirt driving on these beasts), but I have tested my AWD
against my folks 85 RX7 (torsen gleason added by yours truly) with Hoka 10's
and found little advantage to audi on some makeshift POR forays in Northern