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Re: TAP and Torque

On your 87 US car????!!!  Hmmmmm.....  Are you shure you didn't pull the WG
cap off to do what he wanted????  I have reliable information that (I got 2
5ktq's): 1)you can't pop the "nickel" off without the wastegate housing off,
and 2) the adjustment is inside the wastegate (if you want to call it that),
and the allen wrench is "adjusted" from the inside again, and on your 87,
unless a previous owner modified it, I can assure you that there is NO WAY
you will be able to follow that procedure, the glue they put in the spring
perch requires torque you can't exert with the wastegate in place..... My
understanding with the q's is that the ALLEN wrench does not apply to either
car...  Do tell glen, what is in your 87?  Are you saying you adjusted it in
the manner described on both cars??????