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squeaky Q

hi everyone,

first let me introduce myself.  my name is andre l. walker, and i 
subscribed a few weeks ago.  since then i've been deluged by mail 
everyday, but i've learned a great deal.  i finally decided its time 
for me to throw my inquiry into the ring...

i own a 91 coupe q that i purchased about 6 mos ago.  since then it has 
a pure joy, albeit it is an expensive mistress!  i have noticed a 
squeaking sound that emanates from the rear end when i go over 
moderate-sized bumps.  i had my dealer check it out, and he said it was 
due to bad bushings on the rear stabilizer links.  however, i thought 
that it might be the rear hatch.  since it is made of plastic 
(composite with a bonded-in glass window), i thought that it might be 
the source.  as the car goes over a bump and the body flexes slightly, 
it causes the hatch itself to squeak or squeak in it mountings since it 
will flex differently (probably more) than the rest of the car, being 
made of plastic vs. steel.  looking thru repair records from the 
previous owner, i noticed that he complained of a similar squeaking.  
his dealer then replaced the rubber seal for the rear hatch, and this 
"apparently" solved the problem since i didn't see any more references 
in the repair records.

has anyone out there with a '90 or '91 coupe experienced this problem?  
if so, what was the root cause?  what, if anything, can be done to 
correct it?

91 coupe q (squeaky clean!!!)