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RE: Squeaky Q

Relative to the questsions about squeky hatches on C quattros:

I had axactly the same problem on my 1990 model. I fixed it by "preloading"
the rubber stops against the body. You do this by loosening the socket head
cap screw which is recessed inside the square shaft of the rubber stops on 
the hatch, and pulling the stop out a few notches. Re-tighten the screw well,
or it will losen again.

You can test to see if it the hatch by spraying liberal amounts of silicon
spray on the latch, side stops and bump stops. If that fixes it (it did 
mine), then its the hatch. I still need the silicon every now and then - about
every three months (instead of 3 days before  I adjusted the stops)

Hope that helps