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Re: Manual shifting again...

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, ALYAN wrote:

> Hello,
> On the manual shifting thread:
> A very long time ago I washed a driver shift without pressing the clutch!! 
> I kit you not. The shift was a smooth as silk.. and I remeber that he 
> matched the engine rpm before shifting into gear but didn't matter when 
> shifting out of gear.

When I am on a long trip I frequently bypass the clutching process. It is 
still smooth and reliable, but you have to listen carefully. I can 
upshift and downshift without ever hitting the clutch.  Mind you Im not 
good enough to do it in a race, because I can still clutch and double 
clutch faster and more reliably.  The q is too costly to start chipping 
teeth just to play!

> Now, this was on an italian Fiat "Ritmo" model 1982 or 85 with 4 speed (not 
> sure if it had syncros) (notice that the car let him move the shift knob 
> without pressing the clutch, but won't engage if the rpm didn't match the 

It was synchro'd then... otherwise it would just grind if not matched...

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