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Here is the situation. I bought a 5ktq from an ins. co. It was in a 
front-end wreck and needed some straightening. I'm to the point where I 
need used parts such as a grill, an intercooler, a turbo hood and lights. 
Just today, a customers 1989 200tq was towed in for a similar front-end 
wreck, and in need of the same parts. DOES ANYONE HAVE THESE PARTS? I 
need them very quickly! The reason for the rush is that the lady wants it 
fixed quickly and almost would rather have new parts, however, I thought 
that one of the kind folks on this list might have access to these parts, 
and that I might get a better deal if I order two of everything!

For those interested, I have lots of 4000 and 5000 parts flying around, 
including tons of watercooled VW stock and hi-po parts. Anyone want to 
trade?? just a thought.

Please call me at 610-779-3555 eastern from 8-5pm weekdays, or in the 
evenings at 610-689-9321. ask for Rolf. 
Once again, I need these parts soon. If you have any one item. please call!