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I'm sorry, my 5cstq is a 1986. my fault.

Graydon, I have my sources for audi bone-yards here in Pa. They can help 
me out for used parts, however I'm not all that crazy about buying from 
them, at least for my own parts. I guess I'm just looking for a better 
deal, if anyone has some of this stuff laying around. I know earlier, we 
were talking about replacing out 5kt lights with euro spec units. Has 
anyone done this? And if so, do you still have the old ones laying around?

Second, does anyone know for sure, what the diff, is between the front 
end of 89 200tq and a 86tq? The Hella numbers for the stock lights have a 
diff. suffix. They look the same, but whats the diff???  BTW I also ned a 
turbocharger for my car. First, does anyone have one for sale, good or 
clapped-out? I at least need something to hand in for a core, as mine was 
disinegrated in the crash.

GRAYDON, back when I first aquired this wreck, I inqired about a front 
clip, including a windshield and a-pillars.  $1000 my cost, which wasn't 
bad. I didn't buy it because I though I could piece the car together 
cheaper using reg. 5k parts.
please call 610-779-3555 8-5pm eastern weekedays if you have used 5kt parts!