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Re: Vendor Access

>>If the content is factual and relevant to any question that a 
>>non-vendor may have posed then the vendor is providing a 
>Here lies the problem folks, Just how do we know that the info is factual
>much less relevant.  Slick 50 is the greatest thing in the world and probally
>cures cancer according to the claims of the seller. The really important word
>here to remember is SELLER.

Yeah, the only thing slick about schlock 50 was the advertising.
>My real life job is shooting commercials for TV and to be perfectly honest
>there not, so I speak from experience.
I agree with Eric.  Currently we trust each others motives - and some have
even shared secrets that I wouldn't have expected.  I would really hate to
approach each email with a caveat emptor attitude.

>Just my $1.49 
were up to $1.51
jim h