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Re: Vendor Access

jim healey said:

 > I agree with Eric.  Currently we trust each others motives - and some have
 > even shared secrets that I wouldn't have expected.  I would really hate to
 > approach each email with a caveat emptor attitude.

Second that. And it would be sour 20/20 hindsight if it ends up that all
our knowlegable/experienced listers end up constantly clarifying all the
half-truths from salespeople's claims, which may reduce the depth, detail, 
and sharing that's currently running great here- but could stop if some of
our listers get fed up with vendor access.

I can understand this forum is a convienent place for things "Audi" 
(er, "Quattro"), but that's no reason to mix business with pleasure. 

And, I know I'm responsible for beating my own bushes to gather data on 
my product/purchase research. I'm not here for sales pitches. I'm just 
here for the great stories, the enthusiasm, the analytical nuiances, 
therapy (I'm not the only one!), and alot of honest assistance in a hobby 
I hope to start (auto-x)- from fellow hobbyist. Call me a pessimist, but
I'm not assuming we'll keep all those plus-es and get the (disputed) 
"advantage" of direct-from-vendors-mouth technical "facts".

Sorry if I re-hashed anything already said. I saw this thread passively
until Jim hit a cord. 

-- Eddi