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Re: DISC: Ads vs. tech information

 > Most anyone who has read a copy of the QCUSA newsletter has seen articles
 > written by Ned Ritchie in response to a technical problem that he has exp-
 > erience with.  I personally have been a beneficiary of this kind of assist-
 > ance.  What has been proposed is that we artificially limit ourselves by 
 > considering this kind of information anathema.  We can benefit immensely
 > by encouraging this type of interchange ...

Ned Ritchie could be in my grey area as far as "sales pitch" and "balanced
 truths" go. Don't know him personally, but many listers are willing to 
listen to him. That's good enough for me.

 > I don't know what the best solution is, but turning one's back definitely 
 > is not IMO.  

I wouldn't pass up on gathering any data point easily obtained. Off-line is
OK here. Don't know who will do the admin work, though.

-- Eddi

 > Steve Buchholz
 > s_buchho@kla.com