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sagging 5K sunroof

[from William Murin]

>As best I can remember, electric sunroofs on 5ks were about a $1000
>option.  My wife insisted on having one on her '85 5k.  Much easier to
>find that than one with a 5 speed back then.  My '87 4KQ is also SR
>equipped.  Neat option.  Mine has been troublefree, wife's was a
>nightmare.  Took Audi dealer over a year to finally get all the bugs out
>of it.  finally got zone office approval to put the innards from an '87
>into her '85.  Presto, no more trouble.

Hope it was the late 87 innards that got transplanted. I have the early 87
5K with the 2.2 motor and my sunroof needs a transplant.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu