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5000 headlight Question(s)

A mundane question:

I've got the 87 5000S plain jane version.
How do I remove the chrome strip above the bumper to get access to the
lower headlight aiming adjustment screws. The new Comp T/A's I've put on in
the front have lowered the front end of the car and have dipped the beams
correspondingly. The Haynes manual (it's no Bentley fer shure) says just to
pry up the chrome strip. But no go here since the center strip is attached
to the side chrome strips. Do I have to remove the phillips screws of the
side strips and risk losing the screws in the bumper?

Do I have to remove the bumper cover just to re-aim the headlights? Has
anyone done this. Am I really this knuckled brained? Don't answer this

What's less effective than stock Audi lighting.

Poorly aimed Audit lighting, of course. I now know everything 30 feet in
front of the car at night. Nothing known beyond though.

Maybe I should just pop on a set of 9007 bulbs to really screw up the beam
pattern. The 9007's I found came in 55/65W. A little better than my 45/65W
Ooops! Was that gratuitious advertising. I mean er,  Bosch.

Thanks for any sage advice I might receive. If anyone has ploughed through
all that dribble to get here, that is.
Quattro and Turbo would make my sedan go faster.(references)

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu