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Wed night at the drag races....

  YO!        Where were you guys?           Bunchwimps!          :)

  Wed night was a beautiful night for racing under the stars. About 60F at
  6 pm, very comfortable and conducive to low ETs. Unfortunately, no other
  Quattro people showed up. I did get to see a couple of Saab Turbos run,
  not very impressive, I would have beaten them if I had a chance to run
  against them, not especially good drivers.    :(      As it was, I lost
  all 5 races I ran, all against 'Mercan V8 iron, some with blowers, etc,
  all with slicks. Beat 'em all off the line and to the 60 foot mark


  So, how 'bout it guys? Anyone got a 4000S of similar vintage and
  equipment level as my '84 4000Q? We can test out the 4000S Vs 4000Q
  performance claims. I'll organize another event in May, keep listening.
  Also, I'll publish the data for my 5 runs this past Wed in a future post.

  See yah at NED soon,