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Re: Spark Plugs

>actually gonna take my car to a pretty good Audi/VW mech. later in 
>May.(Good mech. doesn't charge too much. luckly) Mainly because I don't have 
>enough experience do do everything that I want done to it. I have been 
>thinking about having him pt in some Splitfire Spark Plugs in my 87 Audi 
>Coupe GT.... What are any feelings on these plugs?
If he's a really good mechanic he'll tell you not to waste your time
or money on gimmick plugs - most folks do OK with the Bosch tri-electrode
($3.25 or so mail order) - past DISC on list concluded that there are no 
significant gains from even radical changes in the ignition system on a 
stock vehicle.

jim h
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