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Platinum Plugs (was Re: Spark Plugs)

>If he's a really good mechanic he'll tell you not to waste your time
>or money on gimmick plugs - most folks do OK with the Bosch tri-electrode

I tried the Split Fire a couple of years ago on the Subaru when it failed
emissions.  The money back assurance on them was worth it, but at the same
time I replaced the O2 sensor.  Turned out just the O2 would have MORE than
done it, but if the Split Fires had made the difference they were supposed
to it would have just been enough.

No I don't think they're worth it.  I didn't notice any better mileage,
power, etc...  But $5 per plug wasn't so bad, about the same price as the
plugs for my RX-7.  The person selling them thought I was crazy to spend it

On another front, anyone used any of the Platinum plugs in their Audi?
I'm planing on dong some maintainance next weekend and was trolling for
advice.  I've tried Bosch Platinum before and they seemed to last quite
well.  The NGKs don't last as well, but I've been very happy with them in
the past.

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