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5KCSTQ:hard starting

Well maybe I'm over using the net's resources, but I'm confused about my car
once again - believe me, I want to ba a contributing member of this group, and I
hope someday I'll have the knowledge to do so.

Enoug bablling,  my car has a hard time starting it it sits overnight after I
shut it off after a hot run (hard to avoid here).  It runs up to a few hundred
rpm, then dies.  It can take 10minutes to get the thing running.  Otherwise the
car runs great and idles great.
Could it be the idle stablizer, or possibly clogged pcv lines (i read recently
on the net about those lines - but I tried the remove the dipstick test and it
kept running.  Also, what is that little screw at the top of the intake
manifod=ld reallty for - dealer sais idle adjustment, but the bentleys sais its
not to be used for idle adjustment.

Any Ideas????? TIA

Randall Paquette
87 5000CSTQ (187kmiles)