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Re: 5KCSTQ:hard starting

On 1 May 1995, Randall Paquette wrote:

> shut it off after a hot run (hard to avoid here).  It runs up to a few hundred
> rpm, then dies.  It can take 10minutes to get the thing running.  Otherwise the
> car runs great and idles great.

Had a similar problem, but not sure if it would be the same here... The 
banjo connector on my fuel pump leaked... so when I went to start it in 
the morning, it would pop once, then I had to refill the lines to the 
fuel distributer, and i had to crank for a LONG time... It bled the lines 
all the way back to the pump. It did drip on the ground, but evaporated 
by morning, so was never a really obvious problem.

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