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Re: Splitfire voodo Loungin'

On Mon, 1 May 1995, Rolf Mair wrote:

> probably won't feel it. About the comment that spark jumps only to the 
> shortest point, I've heard that withthe use of very serious ign. systems, 
> the amount of spark produced can arc two points at once. Dunno for sure, 
> but thats a rumor i heard at the track.

Electricity is like me, really lazy... will definately take the shortest 
path. It actually doesnt necesarily have to be the 'shortest' path, but 
certainly the one with least resistance. In a splitfire plug, you will 
not get a V shaped spark, implying 2 sparks just because you have 2 
electrodes. As mentioned, it is just for longevity.  High energy 
ignitions are the same, least resistance. You can get more than one point 
(But not at the same time generally...) with a longer duration spark, or 
MSD. (no, not Microsoft Diagnostics...) Just more sparks...

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