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Re: '88 '89 5000CSTQ/200Q Hard starting

>    I have an '86 Audi 5000CST that starts beautifully every time.  It
> starts nearly immediately, without any hesistation.  Our other Audis, an 88
> and 89 5000CSTQ both start hard.  They need to turn over for at least five
> or six seconds before starting.
>    So, I have two questions.  1: Do '86 Audis just start better inherently
> 2:has anyone else had this problem and then rectified it?


My '86 5KCSTQ takes a good 10 seconds of turning over to start when 
it has sat overnight.  After warming up, it fires up after just a 
second or so.  Maybe we should modify the theory to exclude '86 
Quattro's?  <grin>


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