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Re: '88 '89 5000CSTQ/200Q Hard starting

<O>   I have an '86 Audi 5000CST that starts beautifully every time.  It
<O>starts nearly immediately, without any hesistation.  Our other Audis, an 88
<O>and 89 5000CSTQ both start hard.  They need to turn over for at least five
<O>or six seconds before starting.
<O>   So, I have two questions.  1: Do '86 Audis just start better inherently
<O>2:has anyone else had this problem and then rectified it?
<O>   Thanks.
<O>                                                        Keith Choate

My '87 5000S has always sprung to life instantaneously, however my '88
5000CSTQ used to need about 4-6 seconds cranking, esp. when cold. I found
2 vacuum leaks, one at the wastegate (control vac input) and one on the
bottom side of the intercooler-to-intake-manifold rubber duct. Having now
fixed them, the car starts right away.
So... have a good poke around for vacuum leaks, maybe replace all those nasty
old decaying fabric covered vacuum hoses with nice new ones anyway.