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Re: '88 '89 5000CSTQ/200Q Hard starting

On May 2,  8:11am, glen.powell@smc.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: '88 '89 5000CSTQ/200Q Hard starting
>   Both my turbo Audis are "cranky" starters, the '85 ur-Q and the '87
>   5kTQW, but the '85 & '86 4000Qs I had and the '84 4000Q I have now and
>   all non-turbo Audis I have known were generally instant starters. I
>   always theorized that the very low compression of the turbo engines made
>   them hard to light off.
>   -glen
>-- End of excerpt from glen.powell@smc.com

	My 106K '85 5KT is a "one-crank" beast -- has been ever since I
	bought it a year ago. Except for once: when I changed the spark
	plug wires, cap and rotor, it took so long to start that I thought
	I had the wires in wrong.  But it was fine after that one hard
	start.  To this day, I have no idea why (I think someone else
	on the list experienced this symptom as well).


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