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Re: 4000KQ CV Boot & TQC

On May 3,  9:35am, William Murin wrote:
> Subject: 4000KQ CV Boot & TQC
> .... While it was on the hoist he
> discovered that the right front CV boot was torn.  We'll put a new on
> this Friday.  Problem: this will be CV boot #4 for the right front
> wheel.  Memory and a quick look at my service records indicate that the
> other wheels are still living with their original boots.  .....
> Other than possibly poorly made boots or improper instalation, anything
> else I should look for?
>-- End of excerpt from William Murin

	The last boot I had on my '85 5KT (right front in my case also)
	ripped within five months of installation by a local Big-O
	tire store. It had a long axial tear right along the moulding
	seam: could have been a manufacturing defect. Big-O refused
	to do anything about it because it wasn't one with a "lifetime"
	warranty, even though they agreed that five months was too
	early for any boot to fail.  The boot was manufactured by Moog:
	a brand I will avoid in the future.

	I replaced the boot myself with one from Meistersatz (not that
	I believe that the Germans hold some secret rubber-making recipe!),
	and was quite annoyed to find that the mechanic who had put on
	the previous boot had used a nylon tie for one end, presumably
	because he couldn't get the clamp on.


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