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4000KQ CV Boot & TQC

Just picked up my faithful '87 4KQ from my local neighborhood mechanic 
who did and oil and filter change for me.  While it was on the hoist he 
discovered that the right front CV boot was torn.  We'll put a new on 
this Friday.  Problem: this will be CV boot #4 for the right front 
wheel.  Memory and a quick look at my service records indicate that the 
other wheels are still living with their original boots.  The car had 
right side wheel bearings done about 25,000 miles ago (front & rear).  
Other than possibly poorly made boots or improper instalation, anything 
else I should look for>

Item #2,  Bill McCarthy in Halifax, nova Scotia has an '83 TQC for sale.  
In a recent posting he said that the car was Eurospec.  I've sent Bill a 
post directly asking him what that means.  anyone in a position to give 
me a better than average guess about what that means AND whether or not 
that car might meet US standards for lights, brakes, bumpers, etc.  I'm 
really not in the mood to tackle the bureaucracy to get the car US certified.

THanks.  Looking forward to your replies

Bill Murin
'87 4KQ (140,000 miles)
formerly '85 5K
formerly '75 Audi Fox :-<