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Re: Shokan

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Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Dont you love it? I have had a similar one, but I wont get into that one 
> now!  Carefull with Shokan, those bastards should be in Jail. (I say this 
> on more than one experience!)

I've had no negative experiences with Shokan......What did they do?


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I've used Shokan for years - their prices are a little high, but the fact
that they get stuff to me (in NJ) the next day is sometimes worth it.
They've always been straight with me, occasional wrong part - corrected
efficiently and promptly - other than that no probs. Except they're a bit
arrogant sometimes - "Oh yeah we know everything about these cars, far
more than the dealer" - may be true, but a little immodest me thinks...

Would like to know what they did to you Bob.

Nick Craft.