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Ned's Tech Tips

I was talking to Ned at Intended Acceleration yesterday, and he started to talk
about his tech tips that get published in the Quattro Quarterly.  I only
recently joined the Quattro Club, so I only have one of the Quattro Quarterly
newsletters, but Ned was saying that he has written up ten or so over the past
few years.  He said he would be more than happy to send a copy in to us,
provided we left the copyright and didn't change the text in any way.  Does
this sound like a good plan to you's guys?  From what I have seen, these are
NOT plugs for IA, just little things to look out for in the Audi's.  He wanted
to upload them to our "bulletin board," but I told him we didn't really have
one, just an archive, which I have never fooled with.  He's still willing to
supply these tips to the archives, but I don't know how to accomplish that,
plus I wanted to run it through the Quattro net anyways for some feedback.
 Anyone see any potential problems here?  I'm not talking about allowing Ned to
supply the mailing list with fluff, I'm talking about allowing him to upload
DIRECTLY to the archives (supposing that is possible) ONLY his Tech Tips.
 These Tech Tips should prove pretty usefull to many of us on this list,
however if this turn into another shot to have a vendor on the list, then it
should probably be put to an end right now.

87 5000CS TQ