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What Bar of boost - 5kTQ

OK, after about a month of driving the sluggish '84 5kS around, I finally got
it fixed so I could give it back to my girlfriend and get my Quattro back.
 Forgot how fast that thing is!  Coming home from work last night on the
beltway, some jerkoff in a 325 cuts me off.  I jammed it in fourth, whipped
three lanes, and floored it past the heap.  Looked down at the gauges, doing 90
in fourth, 1.3 bar of boost.  I have NEVER seen the boost that high before!  It
was consistent, I kept the hammer down to see if the gauge would fluctuate, but
it didn't.  the beltway turned back into a parking lot shortly thereafter, and
was so the whole way in today, so I never got the chance to play again.  Aren't
turbo's supposed to be more responsive in the winter/cold?  It was warm enough
that I had all the windows down and the sunroof open, but I got the highest
boost pressure I've ever seen.  Do these cars actually perform better in the
warm, but not hot?  Or was this just a fluke...  Ned told me that these cars
are SUPPOSED to run at 1.3, but I usually have a hard time getting mine to 1.2.
 What gives?

87 5000CS TQ