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Re: Splitfire /ignition systems

On Tue, 2 May 1995, Brooks Ellis wrote:

> > shortest point, I've heard that withthe use of very serious ign. systems, 
> > the amount of spark produced can arc two points at once. Dunno for sure, 
> What exactly do all of those 'super high powered electronically 
> controlled ' ignition systems do? could they be fitted to an Audi app? If 
> so, are they snakeoil or a worthwhile product?
> I've been wondering about this for some time..in all the racing mags, 
> they supposedly offer more HP more torque better milage etc...so it kind 
> of sounded like BS to me..

Depending on which system you get, They sometime do diff. things. MSD 5 
and 6 series i believe produce multiple sparks only until 2 or 3k rpm, 
and then return to just one spark. Jacobs on the other hand, senses each 
cyl. and adjusts for load and mixture and produces one hell of a fat blue 
spark! On my race car (VW) I ran msd and a red coil for years with great 
luck. I installed the entire Jacobs system in front of the MSD, which is 
now just a back-up, and i actually noticed better starts and better 
performance, although I think thats due in part to allowing me to run a 
richer mixture without fouling plugs. MSD is nice and cheap, and Jacobs 
is nice and expensive. Jacobs is a bit more street oriented and I think 
their R&D is far more superior to MSD. I'd be more inclined to call 
Jacobs first, because MSD rather talk with american car 1/4 mile car owners.
Techtonics, with whom I do business, and are a great bunch of guys, says 
leave the bosch alone! I agree with them to an extent. Bosch makes a 
reliable system. Techt. claims that Bosch is the best you can get, they 
run it on their alcohol dragster! I disagree with them on that point. 
Maybe alcohol doesn't need allot of spark, i don't know for sure. 

If you call Jacobs, ask for Anita. She was telling me about the R&D they 
were doing on Bosch replacement parts and computer for German cars. See 
if they came up with anything. 

Rolf Mair