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Splitfire /ignition systems

   > shortest point, I've heard that withthe use of very serious ign. systems, 
   > the amount of spark produced can arc two points at once. Dunno for sure, 

   What exactly do all of those 'super high powered electronically 
   controlled ' ignition systems do? could they be fitted to an Audi app? If 
   so, are they snakeoil or a worthwhile product?
   I've been wondering about this for some time..in all the racing mags, 
   they supposedly offer more HP more torque better milage etc...so it kind 
   of sounded like BS to me..

Provide a bigger and better spark, mostly. In theory, this makes for better
combustion, which means better fuel efficiency and more power.

Grassroots Motorsports has a review on electronic igntions, from which the
following numbers are gleaned:

 		Honda Civic S, 3rd gear 20-50mph times

Stock ign	8.59 - 8.69, avg 8.64, std dev 0.10
Jacobs Energy	7.78 - 8.01, avg 7.90, std dev 0.23
Crane HI-6	7.96 - 8.09, avg 8.09, std dev 0.13
MSD 6AL		7.80 - 7.95, avg 7.88, std dev 0.15
Stock ign	8.14 - 8.34, avg 8.24, std dev 0.20

Is 2 to 5 percent improvement worth several hundred dollars?

I recently came across a unit from J&S (mentioned in the article, but not
reviewed in the test) for a new ignition with a knock sensor and a retard
computer built into the unit...sounds pretty neat...optional is a LED dis-
play to show degrees of ignition retard (with an optional exhaust mixture
LED display as well).