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Re: Splitfire /ignition systems

> Provide a bigger and better spark, mostly. In theory, this makes for better
> combustion, which means better fuel efficiency and more power.
> Grassroots Motorsports has a review on electronic igntions, from which the
> following numbers are gleaned:
>  		Honda Civic S, 3rd gear 20-50mph times
> Stock ign	8.59 - 8.69, avg 8.64, std dev 0.10
> Jacobs Energy	7.78 - 8.01, avg 7.90, std dev 0.23
> Crane HI-6	7.96 - 8.09, avg 8.09, std dev 0.13
> MSD 6AL		7.80 - 7.95, avg 7.88, std dev 0.15
> Stock ign	8.14 - 8.34, avg 8.24, std dev 0.20
> Is 2 to 5 percent improvement worth several hundred dollars?
> I recently came across a unit from J&S (mentioned in the article, but not
> reviewed in the test) for a new ignition with a knock sensor and a retard
> computer built into the unit...sounds pretty neat...optional is a LED dis-
> play to show degrees of ignition retard (with an optional exhaust mixture
> LED display as well).

Any ign. system with extra 'fluff' on it turns me off. I don't need extra 
wires or problems on the race track, or the street for that matter. 
Another thing, If anyone is thinking of getting an ign. system, at least 
buy one that has a decent tech service and reputation. Crane may be fine, 
but is ign, their only product, or even their specialty? Nope. If you are 
a racer only, MSD might be fine cuase if you need parts or a spare box, 
MSD is the most popular at the track. BTW, A Jacobs does not just produce 
a fatter spark only, the computer is smart enough to sense each cyl. 
firing and adjust for the next, in order to accomodate mixture 
differences and load. So therefore, unlike MSD and Crane, Jacobs 'thinks' 
more, which is nice because none of us have a flow-bench, (???)  so it's 
possible that all cyl. are not flowing evenly nor are our fuel inj. 
matched. Jacobs won't cure that, but it will smooth out the cyl. balance