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audi v. ovlov advert

There was a full page ad in today's Washington Post for the A6.  2 inch bold
read "Volvo did very well in the latest Gov't  crash tests.  They came in
right behind 
the Audi A6."  (Actually, I can't remember the exact words, but its close.
Sorry I
don't remember the ovlov model in question).  The text said the test was a
35 mph
head-on collision simulation and included this table:

                                        driver                      front
        Audi A6         5 stars                                    5 stars
        Ovlov             5 stars                                   4 stars
        MB C220      4 stars                                   4 stars

One is reminded of ads Audi ran in the British magazine "Car" during the
late 80s.  The
ads compared ovlovs to tanks and said that audi engineers believed safety could
be achieved with such drastic measures.  Another ad should a large helicopter
sitting on the roof of a 100 and noted that the audi was unusual in being
strong enough
to hold the helicopter, yet was light enough for the helicopter to lift it.
Pity the
ads were never run on the American side of the "pond."
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation