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RE: 1984 4000S ---- what is it worth?


   I don't have a guess as to a fair price for a 1984 4KS w/automatic,
although I've got one.  As one of the original owners (wife's car
until she replaced it two years ago), I still drive it as my daily
commuter.  Mine hasn't been driven as much as the one you're
considering.  I've only got 149,889 miles on the odometer.

   But I can answer one of your questions.  The engine won't be 
damaged if the timing belt breaks on a running engine.  Last fall, 
while cruising down the Mass Turnpike, my timing belt broke.  
Luckily, it was just after the evening's rush hour traffic, so I 
was able safely to coast to the side of the road.  Besides needing 
a new timing belt, no other damage was done to the engine.

Jeffrey Woodard
'84 4KS (one day I'll go ahead and get a Quattro)