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Q's take over Grattan--report

I was "volunteered" to do the report on the Autocross/Safety Seminar held 
by the Quattro Club USA at Grattan Raceway in Grand Rapids, MI this past 
weekend (April 29-30) so here goes:

The club held a cocktail hour from 8:00pm-9:00pm for all participants 
folloed by the driver's meeting at 9:00pm at the Hraley hotel in Grand 
Rapids.  Me being the sterotypical "day late, dollar short", I missed the 
cocktail hour, but everyone seemed lucid when I showed up around 9:15pm.  
Doesn't seem to be any "...and then he/she got up on the table and 
started dancing...." stories, but I could be wrong.  Guys?

Satuday turned out to be *perfect* weather for the event.  Saturday 
morning was spent doing driving exercises, threshold braking, late and 
early apexing, lane change, slalom, etc.  Satuday afternoon began with a 
few laps with an instructor driving your car to show you the "ropes".  My 
car never went so damn fast.  The instructors were excellent (at least 
mine was) and had the certain amount of talent needed to deflate my ego 
so that I could really learn something. Thanks to the instructors.

Sunday consisted of lapping the entire day.  Weather wasn't as nice, but 
still remained decent.  This was the day when the hormones started to 
pump and people started to get brave.  One guy felt the need to show the 
Q's ability at off-road, he ran off at the entry to the straight and shot 
down the grass median on the side of the track.  Nothing was damaged, 
except for pride, and everyone got the idea of what can go wrong if you 
go in just a *little* too hot.  

Scott J., of PDQSHIP fame was there with his (too many)hp 5000TQ, along 
with the 5000TQ of Eric, STEADIRIC, also a member fo this list.  Graydon 
Stuckey made it out to watch on Sunday, driving his RX-7.  What?  RX-7?  
We'l forgive you this time Graydon! :)

The Q club organized a great event, and thanks to all that were a part of 
it.  No one got hurt, and I think we maybe had only one automotive 
casualty which was an older VW GTi that seemed to run "on three" when it 
left.  There was great dealer support also.  The guys from Go Audi and 
Schaumburg Audi were there to help anyone with any type of problems.  
It's nice to see dealers doing that.

Scott, (PDQSHIP) always had his head stuck in the engine of one of the 
turbo cars, and could be seen tinkering always.  Scott, you remind me of 
a guy who would change the spark plugs in your vehicle while it was 
moving if you thought you could. :)

Eric, (STEADIRIC) just kept looking at things and going
" I want more power!  More power!! "

This is getting kinda long, so I wrap up.  I can sum the weekend up in 
this phrase, (and have):
"The most fun that you can have with your pants on!"

I'm already saving my pennies and scheming about running the Watkins Glen 
event in July.  Hope to see you there!

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock