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Re: Q's take over Grattan--report

On Wed, 3 May 1995, Robert Phillips wrote:

> with the 5000TQ of Eric, STEADIRIC, also a member fo this list.  Graydon 
> Stuckey made it out to watch on Sunday, driving his RX-7.  What?  RX-7?  
> We'l forgive you this time Graydon! :)

	OK OK OK I sold it alright?  Really, Tuesday afternoon.  Now I'm 
down to three RX7s and a Quattro.  Anyone got a NICE Ur-Q cheap? :-)

> left.  There was great dealer support also.  The guys from Go Audi and 
> Schaumburg Audi were there to help anyone with any type of problems.  
> It's nice to see dealers doing that.

	You get 50 quattros together in one place, you are going to need 
a mechanic or two! :-)

> Eric, (STEADIRIC) just kept looking at things and going
> " I want more power!  More power!! "

	Don't we all?

Graydon D. Stuckey
morepower morepower morepower morepower