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Another Tire Question

I have the 86 4000q that has been the subject of numerous questions.  I 
have one more.  I had asked what tires to buy for autocrossing and was 
told to get the A008RS of BFG R1 tires.  The problem is that I use my 
car as a daily driver and these tires will wear out after 1000 
miles, according to my tire dealer.  Of course he is willing to sell 
them to me, but I need something more practical.

The question is:  What tire can be used on the street and raced? What is 
the performance difference from the R compounds?  Should I try and save 
the money for another set of rims for special tires?  I really don't 
want to spend that much money if it is not necessary.

All help would be appreciated.  BTW: Should I get the 195/60 size?

Steve Verona