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Re: Advice

>      I have a 
>      Turbo, whose oil filter (in addition to the regular oil filter) runs 
>      $25.00 each, and there are no suitable after market filters available. 
>      This filter gets changed every 3,000 miles, along with the oil. 
>      >      [stuff deleted]
>      On the positive side, an Audi automobile is safe, comfortable, fun to 
>      drive, and is built from high quality materials. I think my '87 5000 
>      CS Turbo still looks contemporary in styling, is a terrific road car ...

If you have an '87 5000 turbo, then your car should have only one oil
filter on it. It is the same size as the regular (large) filter but is
a "turbo" filter with a check valve, etc. Audi part number is 035 115 561
and lists for $14 at the dealer. You can buy the equivalent filters
made by Mahle, Knecht, Mann, Bosch, etc from PAP (800-944-2964) for
about $8 if you buy at least 6.

Audi switched from the 2 oil filter setup to single filter setup on
the turbos sometime around '86. Also, you don't need to change the oil
every 3000 miles if you use synthetic oil which I'd highly recommend for
a turbo. I use Mobil 1 synthetic on my '87 5000 TQ and change every
5000 miles (that is the interval specified by Audi). Oil looks fine
after 5K miles.

>      Steering rack, $700 for Audi, was about $175 for my Pontiac. 

Can get a rebuilt rack for $300 to $400 from some of the Audi vendors

You are mostly correct about the cost of the parts for Audis. But in
many cases, you get the same parts at a cheaper price than the dealer
if you go with the alternate sources listed in the "Audi Vendor List"
and save a lot more if you do the repairs/maintenance yourself.

'87 5000TQ