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Re: Becoming a tech? Opinions wanted

On Thu, 4 May 1995, sPiDaO wrote:

> hopes of having my own repair and high performance shop in the future. Not
> that the List is going to be the deciding factor, I would value your
> opinions. I plan to be successful in whatever I choose to do, I just hope
> the choice I make is open to an opportunity for success. TIA.

Sounds like you already have it licked.  A good attitude is more than 
half the battle.  Whatever you do you will be good at it.  Most 
importantly, do what you want to do, do what you like. I wouldnt say 
'lack of respect' for these people in that field.  I dont consider the 
people that work at NTW to be 'in that field'. To them, its a job, no 
pride in their work.  I have a friend who is a master when it comes to 
Audi's. I respect him a LOT, for what he has done for me and others, and 
for his attitude toward his customers.

> P.S. to those of you in the New England area, is there is good market for
> such people...the wife and I would like to move up there in the future.
If you come to CT, Ill be your first customer!

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