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Becoming a tech? Opinions wanted

Well I thinking of tech school. Being unhappy with current studies and my
overwhelming interest in VW and Audis and being mechanicly inclined(more
than average I think) I'm really considering this path. The only jobs I
haven't been able to complete are the ones that seem require more education.
The few problems I have are the seeming lack of respect that seems to come
with the occupation. Do I want to work for and with the people that I
complain about when I visit(rarely) the shop? I really want to get some
more(other than detailing) experience in the dealership with vw-Audis in
hopes of having my own repair and high performance shop in the future. Not
that the List is going to be the deciding factor, I would value your
opinions. I plan to be successful in whatever I choose to do, I just hope
the choice I make is open to an opportunity for success. TIA.

P.S. to those of you in the New England area, is there is good market for
such people...the wife and I would like to move up there in the future.

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5