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Re: Factory exh systems Vs "'Trapps?

>  geometry, etc. I would bet that eliminating the stock mufflers and
>  replacing them both with a single 'Trapp might save in the neighborhood
>  of around 50 Lbs, not unsubstantial, considering that this is one of the
>  very few ways to lighten a car legally, and a lot of that eliminated
>  weight is way out at one end of the car,

>  particular race course, then the system can be tuned via the baffles to
>  dial-in the torque that would otherwise be lost with a straight exhaust
>  system, and you still have the benefit of the lighter weight and "way
>  cool" race car sound effects.    :)   When every bit counts.....

Well all this talk about mufflers has got me wondering. On an Audi
related-topic(sorta), I'm not sure what to do with the GTi. I plan to start
autoxing it sometime soon and may put off doing to engine mods until I get a
little experience in the stock class. But anyway, I have been looking at
several different systems avail. for the GTi, the cheapest and most
recommended so far has been a dynomax system for 115 bucks. But now I'm
thinking about having a custom SS piping put on with the 'trapp at the end.
One problem is that I'm not very familar with the Supertrapp muffler. I have
seen them at the Autox and know that they can be tuned. Can someone help
answer these Q's?

1. How is it tuned?

2. How does tuning affect engine performance?

3. Will I loose much low-end grunt?

4. Is it obnoxious(loud, in comparison to stock & other perf. exhaust)?

5. Another big issue, cost?

I would plan to go 2 1/2" on the SS piping with no mid muffler and just the
'trapp at the end. Also does anyone know if I would be allowed to change the
exhaust manifold and downpipe to older version of the system(dual outlet
manifold-stock on older jettas) in the stock class? 

TIA. The info is always from you guys(as opposed to r.a.vw.

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5