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Normal system power (voltage)

   I was wondering what the 'normal voltage' of people's late 
model-5000/100 and 200 models is. When I do the climate 
control-test-mode, and set it to channel 11, i get around 13.4 volts with 
everything off, and when the engine cooling fan is on, I get about 13 
volts. This seems to be dangerously low...is it? I know most cars run 14V 
to 14.5 Volts...Just a quirk, or is my alternator going?

    A side note on the climate control test-system - Mine isn't like the 
one illustrated earlier. It has 1 less channel, and they read different 
things ( i believe ) - some of the ones it stated were unused were in 
use, and some that were 'not in use' were in use. Later model year i 
suppose...It would be nice to have the correct codes though.

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