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Octane / Advance(or retard)

  I was wondering what octane people out there have been putting into 
their late model 5-cyl non-turbo cars...I have been using 91, and have 
been getting good results. I was wondering if bumping it up to 93 couls 
help me at all - will the computer advance any farther? How do I tell 
when it is advanced as far as possible? How do I tell if it is advanced 
at all and not retarded?

  similarly, I was wondering what the knock (dual-sensors) will pick 
up..I live down (well, up and around a little down more up some more 
around... ) a dirt road that is very bumpy - will the knock sensors pick 
this up and retard the timing? Is there any way to prevent this (if it 

muchos gracias..

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