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'Syntec' 5w-50 oil

  I was getting my oil changed the other day at Jiffy Lube ( I admit, 
blasphemy....I didn't have time to do it myself..really! ), and the only 
synthetic they had was Castrol Syntec 5W-50 and Mobil 1 10W-30. I know 
10w30 win't work in my car, so I went ahead with the 5w50.
  Is this a good product? I can't really envision an oil with this wide 
of range without some sort of drawback.. With this oil, I actually saw my 
oil temperature rise above ~80-90 deg. C. when I ran it for a while at 
redline...hmm.. at what temperature will most oil burn/boil in my engine? 
I probably won't get it that hot, but something to watch out 
for..especially since it's the summer now, and my car doesn't shed heat 
as fast.


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