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Re: Birth Announcment!!!!

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> Mike,
> Congratulations Mike.  I am sure you will be having a ball with the new
> little girl.  She's gonna love her Daddy and his Quattro!  My boy does. 
> Later,
> Graydon D. Stuckey
> graydon@apollo.gmi.edu
 To all,

	Graydon mentioned that his boy liked the quattro which bring me
to ask something.  Has anyone else noticed that kids (11years old and
under) have an uncanny ability to see the beauty and potential that an
Audi has?  My 9 year old neighbor complained when he heard I was getting
another Audi and was going to sell the Mustang convert.  However, once I
purchased the car he came right over and said, "What a beautiful car!
Not as nice a a Merc Hammer but boy is this a nice car!"  This is a NINE
year old kid comparing my 87 5000cstq to a Merc Hammer.  He liked it so
much he forgot I was selling the Mustang.  (good thing too, because he
never got the ride in the mustang that I promised him.  Opps!)

	Andrew Shea