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Thank you!

To all,

	Thank you for your months of help.  I am about to leave school
for the summer (don't have e-mail at home), and would just like to take
a minute to thank everyone.  
	Scott of PDQSHIP. . .  Thank you for your insight into the 5k
series cars.  If had not been for you I would have sold the 87 4kcs and
bought a 4kcsq instead of the 5kcstq that I did buy.  
	Graydon. .  . Thank you for all your help.  You have gotten me
started off in the right direction.  
	To the rest. . . all of your insight has help more than you will
ever know.  From all the discussion on the list I have saved myself big
money in repair fees.  To whom do I send the check?  (Only kidding!)
	I will be returning to my e-mail post in January of 1996.  I
will be spending from September to December in Mexico!!!!  Wonder if I
will see any nice quattros do there?  Wishing all of you happy
quattroing, and to those of you without quattro, happy motoring!

	Andrew Shea
	anshea@hawk.anselm.edu (for the next two days)
could respond before Tuesday it would be greatly appreciated.